Our Mission

Mercy’s Edge Ministries is a non–profit, Christ–centered program with a focus on the spiritual and character development of those within the prison systems. We recognize that each resident is going to be released someday and that most of them struggle to make the necessary changes in their lives to keep them from returning to prison.

Mercy’s Edge Ministries wants to come alongside each of them and help them "Create a New Normal" in their lives with providing the necessary guidance to those individuals looking to make a change in their lives. We hope to help them understand that the only real hope comes from knowing and accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

This process starts inside the prisons and continues as they are released and transitions back into their communities. We will seek to develop a lasting relationship with each of them through classes and mentoring while incarcerated. Along with job placement, housing, clothing, and other necessary items needed upon their release, this relationship will continue to grow as the men and women of Mercy’s Edge Ministries grows with hopes that the investment in these men and women will impact others that are in similar circumstances and in turn will promote and grow the Kingdom of God Prison Ministry Family

Mercy’s Edge Ministries believes in the "transitional" approach in helping these men and women "Create a New Normal." We believe it is a process of changes that must take place over time for these individuals to understand, learn, and accept a different way of living. Everything has to change within their everyday life if they ever hope to create that long-lasting change God has ordained them to live. This is not a race, it is a marathon. A long lasting, forever growing, "with increasingly measure" lifestyle that focuses on the pursuit of excellence. Our goal is to help these men and women transition back into their homes, so they can become the men and women God intended them to be for their families.

Mercy’s Edge Ministries has decided to take the same approach in running our ministry. Relying on the "transitional" approach, we are aiming to build lasting friendships, strong partnerships, and a large network of businesses, volunteers, and mentors that will help us in our mission.

So how can you help? We are glad you asked. Mercy’s Edge Ministry is working towards creating the opportunity to have a paid staff on a full–time basis. Currently everything we are doing today is on a volunteer basis, but as we continue to grow, the need for a full–time Executive Director and a support staff will become a necessity. We are looking to partner with area businesses and churches who share our vision and want to get involved. Whether through donations, use of their facilities, or in offering jobs to the men and women in our program. We are also in need of more volunteers willing to mentor and/or teach classes inside and outside of the jails and prisons, and people willing to provide transportation for those unable to drive themselves. Finally, we need your prayers as we seek God’s guidance and strength to continue the ministry He has laid out before us

May God continue to bless you, your family, and our Mercy’s Edge Ministry!